Basics Of Photography: Editing Images In Post

Basics Of Photography: Editing Images In Post

For our final photography lesson this week, we’re going to talk about the final step: editing your images. We’ll take a look at different kinds of techniques for colour correction, touch ups, and a few other fun effects.

This lesson is really more of a roundup than anything because we’ve covered so many photo editing tips and tricks in the past that it would be kind of redundant to re-write them all here. First things first, we have entire night school on Photoshop, including a lesson on colour correction and touch ups, so you might want to start there. If you’re looking for more, here are a bunch of handy tips and tricks to get your photos into shape.

Note: A lot of these tips are demonstrated in Photoshop, but not all of them are and many can be replicated in other (cheaper) image editors.

Colour and Tone Correction and Enhancement

Correcting Scratches, Blemishes, and Other Problems

Other Enhancements

That’s all for our photography night school. Thanks for learning with us!

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