Awareness Reminds You To Take Breaks Without Being Annoying

Mac: We've discussed how important it is to get up from the computer, but most apps that remind you so irritating we eventually disabled them. Awareness takes a more muted and subtle approach when telling you how long you've worked without a break.

Awareness uses the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl to tell you that it's time for a break. The chime is assertive, but still gentle. If you ignore it, the app doesn't nag you, it just waits for the next hour where the bowl will chime twice to tell you it's been two hours, three for three hours, and so on. Awareness is $2.49 in the Mac App Store.



    It is for Windows but I just started using EyeDefender at work and find it very good - very small (184 Kb), installs without administrative rights and just simply works. There are various alert options but I've settled on the one where a picture of a flower comes up after the time you have specified - effective but not jarring

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