Australia Post Testing 24-Hour Parcel Pickup

Australia Post Testing 24-Hour Parcel Pickup

It’s a major hassle for online shopping: you’ve ordered something but then you have to sort time to pick it up from the post office. That might get a little simpler with plans for “24 hour parcel lockers” being tested in a new concept post office.

Australia Post announced plans for a new “concept store” in the Brisbane CBD which will open before the end of the year. One of its features will be a “24/7 zone with parcel lockers where customers can pick up their parcel at any time”. There will also be dedicated space for shipping goods sold via eBay.

It’s not yet clear how (or if) the lockers will handle goods that need signatures, or what the associated charges will be. However, for anyone who can’t easily get deliveries at home or work, it’s an interesting idea. Thanks Stephen for the pointer!

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  • They have been trialling this from the St Leonards sorting facility in NSW for the last couple of months (Ends today). Not lockers, you pick up from a person but it’s been fantastic.

  • OH my god yes. Aus post (and other courier companies for that matter) really need to improve their parcel service, trying to deliver something 9-5 Monday to Friday must result in very low acceptance rates, then only being able to pick up items from you post office, also 9-5 Monday to Friday is just as silly.

    The problem is you often don’t have much of a say in what company delivers your goods when you order stuff. Occasionally you’ll get the options of Courier or Aus Post, but no options other then that (like specific delivery date/time).

  • About time they do something.

    Incredibly frustrating at the moment. Get it delivered to work and it gets lost in the mailroom, get it delivered to home and you can never get to the post office to pick it up. When are retailers like this going to realise that 9-5 doesnt make sense. Plenty of small businesses have realised, you see butchers, fruitos etc open till 7pm to catch the after work crowd. Why is Australia Post not doing the same thing?

  • Good concept. We used to have a huge problem with picking up missed deliveries at our previous residence, as I couldn’t pick up from the depot due to my working hours, and my wife couldn’t easily get there due to lack of public transport nearby.

    I am curious though as to how you are supposed to gain entry to the locker however.

  • charges?? don’t give them ideas.

    This is a problem that’s been 100+ years without a sensible solution (apart from dropping off at say a local store), and might (just) be more useful than getting stuff delivered to work.

  • Sounds like a great idea, though i’m curious as to how they will provide package security, a code on the while you were out cards would be a security risk, as the stupid posties don’t always put the mail all the way in so a fair amount of mail is occasionally stolen by the bloody school kids.

  • In the meantime, don’t forget that Australia Post will transfer packages from one Office to another at no charge. So even if you can’t get to the post office near home to cellect your stuff, you might be able to get to one near work on your lunch break.

    • There is a charge of $5.50 if your package is over 500 grams.
      I did this recently with my mobile phone because the locla post office closed before I could get home from work – it was the only solution, and I don’t think that’s too much to pay.
      If I was doing this more, however, I might feel different.

      • Oh, sorry about that. Wasn’t aware of the charge for heavier stuff.

        I’ve had to have the transfer done a couple of time in the past year, but it’s always just been with letters. Anything bulky, I just get sent directly to my work.

    • OMG, Thank you!! I wasn’t aware of this.
      I’m on the edge of two suburbs – if the parcel gets taken to the AusPost that’s technically closer, but not my suburb, I’m fine (they have 7am to 9am early hours), but if it goes to the AusPost of my suburb, it’s only open 9-5, so I have to take time off work to pick up the parcel.

      Having said that, a 24-hour parcel pickup would be even better. Finally AusPost seem to have made a good decision for once.

  • Considering in most of the houses I’ve lived in, most of the posties don’t even bother ringing the doorbell (although there have been rare exceptions including a very efficient postie who rang us ahead to check when he should bother making the trip, rather than dumping it at a post office), I think it is a great idea.
    Personally, I don’t think security is that much of a problem – never had mail stolen by “school kids” – I think it’s much more likely that a postie would “lose” my package.
    They could make the lockers using a PIN code or a card. If you think this is a security issue, I question whether banks and governments should send drivers licenses, passports and bank cards through the post, considering letters are much more easily lost than packages. And signing – well it’s all done electronically already (with the PDAs) – why not install a touchscreen to sign on?

  • Finally they are realizing that 9 to 5, Mon-Fri Austraia Post opening hours is good for someone who orders stuff online.

    The best idea would be to have a number of boxes at post office large enough to hold average parcel. When parcel is received you receive SMS with notification which has post box number and single use PIN code to unlock it.

  • Parcel stations have been in use for years in other countries. Throughout Germany, for example, these stations are placed throughout cities, and are used for both parcel pick up, as well as drop off. They work really well and security has never been an issue for me personally, because an ID needs to be provided for the pick up.

  • I order a lot of stuff online, and work 35 minutes drive away from home. In the past I’ve had could not deliver notes when I was home (and working 5′ from the open front door with a dog who barks at anyone coming up the driveway) claiming to have knocked and not recieved an answer. I’ve had dozens of occasions when a roommate was home and recieved the same bollox claim.

    My local post office now allows collection from their sorting room from 6am – which means I usually have an option to leave home 20 minutes early and swing past on the way to work, which is the exact opposite of convenient. This would be an absolute godsend.

  • Innovations are all well and good AusPost and I realise your profitability relies on you adapting to people shopping online, but how about requiring *all* Post Offices to open on Saturdays, just like everyone else.

    It cannot be that hard.

  • It’d make a lot of sense to add “Your parcel can be picked up from locker #### using PIN code ####” to could-not-deliver items.

    Easy to do, too. A postie trying to deliver item X can’t, so they press a button on their portable belt- or moped-mounted printer. The delivery vehicle and their own kit knows what address they’re at through GPS, what item(s) were due to be delivered to that address, and what size locker would be needed for those items. It generates a PIN code, assigns the next free locker from its held list, updates the data to the office wirelessly, and spits out the card in half a second.

    (Secondary buttons for oops-the-recipient-just-flagged-me-down-after-all and no-not-this-GPS–guessed-address-try-the-next-closest.)

    You get the card, you go to the post office at any time during the next N days, look in the locker section, punch in the PIN, and get your item. The locker registers when it’s been opened and when it has an item in it (or has been emptied), and when empty it reassigns itself to the pool of free lockers.

  • What a great idea. Cannot wait to get on board. Where can I sign up? I guess AusPost does not have my personal details or mobile or email so I guess I have to subscribe?
    The company I work with has a real problem with parcels and the receptionist is run off her feet tracking people to sign for personal stuff as there are so many eBay and other personal items sent to work. I guess we could have locker like this at work too?

  • Japan’s been doing this for decades. Heck you can even pay for the item at a convenience store rather than online. Finally catching up to the smart country.

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