Apple Security Update Brings Some Protection From The Mac Defender Malware

Today, Apple released a Mac OS X security update offering protection from the recently surfaced malware known as Mac Defender (and a few other similar names). It protects you by isolating files known to be associate with Mac Defender, but since the malware continues to evolve it may not protect you fully.

Nonetheless, be sure to run Software Update on your Mac as soon as you can as this added protection certainly won't hurt. If you're looking for additional security, be sure to check out our non-alarmist guide to Mac malware protection and ways to avoid Mac Defender altogether.

Mac Security Update 2011-003 now hunting MacDefender [TUAW]


    The start of a long and painful lesson for Apple. Now market share is great enough the benefits of writing OSX malware is attractive enough.

    Apple is usually the first one to fall at 'capture the flag' at DEFCON and remember the first worm to spread in the wild (Morris worm) infected UNIX systems (Apples claim to fame re security).

    I own a MBA but have no doubts about its vunerability.

    Well at least I want hear that "Mac's don't get viruses" argument anymore.

    Well at least I won't hear that "Mac's don't get viruses" argument anymore.

    1. It's not really a traditional virus. If you don't voluntarily install it, it doesn't get installed. That's not really a virus, which can sneak in without you knowing.

    2. This is *far* from the first malware on Mac. There have been several.

    3. OSX, Windows, and Linux are all as susceptible as each other to these kinds of malware. There is NO defence from a user voluntarily installing something, except keeping your wits about you.

    4. All the major operating systems are roughly equal in security. Anyone gloating that Macs are now 'vulnerable', or conversely anyone calling Windows 'un-secure' has absolutely no idea what they're talking about.

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