Add A Chalkboard Surface To Your Desk For Easy Note Taking

At one time, chalkboard paint was messy and difficult to manage. Now you can get it in spray cans, and with some newspaper and makings tape, you can add a chalkboard surface to the side of your desk or workbench.

Instructables user apocello needed space on his workbench to take notes and jot down measurements, so he cordoned off a section, sanded the top down evenly, and sprayed on a few layers of chalkboard paint. After it dried, he was able to get rid of his scrap paper and add a chalkboard pen instead.

We've discussed how to use chalkboard paint in the kitchen, but using it in your workspace can be just as useful. Have you used chalkboard paint in your home? Let us know in the comments.

a href="">Workbench Chalkboard [Instructables]


    Another option that may be easier and even less messy than chalk - stick on whiteboard


    we have a few desks at work with this on it and it's great because everybody can sit around it and contribute directly to the plan themselves, instead of one person running the show.

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