A Workspace Worthy Of The Name 'Mission Control'

This featured workspace is also know as "holy crap, that's a lot of monitors!" It features a wide, encapsulating desk with five active displays curving around the user. Does anybody really need that many monitors? Probably not. Is it awesome? Definitely.

This setup belongs to Deskography user Colten. You may be wondering what kind of beast machine is powering this five-monitor array. Well, here it is:

  • CPU: Phenom 2 X3 710 OC @ 3.1GHz
  • RAM: 4GB DDR2 800Mhz
  • SSD: 120GB OCZ Vertex 2
  • HDD: 600GB for storage
  • GPUs: Asus EAH5870 (running the three 24-inch), Asus EAH5450 (running the two 19-inch)

That actually seems pretty reasonable.

Colten [Deskography]


    It's a crappy phone photo but my mission control curves too. My laptop is number 5 :)


    Just out of curiosity, does anyone actually use their 4+ monitors?

    Personally i think the point is reached at 2.

      I've got five monitors and couldnt work without them. Once you go multiple everything else just feels claustophobic

      Twos ok but not as good as three. Threes ok but not as good as four......... Four is ok but

      Of course. I use dexpot to run 4 virtual desktops as well, giving me a total of 16 virtual monitors. I'm a commodity trader though so I have more info up than most people.

    Meh, all that unused wall space.

    Needs a projector screen:

    I always thought that how many monitors one bought depended upon what one is going to use them for. I am in love with http://tinyurl.com/3oqhvbe , but then, I am teaching myself share-trading, and flipping between tabs on my lappy is frustrating.

    Personally I use 5 at work daily (running off multiple machines), and 4/5 are pretty much always in use.

    I find my home pc with 3 monitors to be insufficient. The more you have, the more that you use.

    Guess my workspace http://www.airwaysmuseum.com/ML%20AACC%20TAAATS%20c99-00%20console.htm is not as impressive, but I regularly use all screens, 2 x mice and foot or hand push-to-talk switch.

    Big deal...
    I have;
    Antec Skeleton Case
    AMD Phenom II x6 1090T @ 3.21
    Asus M4A79T-DELUXE AM3
    8gb DDR3 Corsair 1600 TWINX
    MSI 11M-GTX295 GF295GTX PCI-E 2.0 1792MB DDR3

    3x ASUS 232H 23" that I actually use Nvidia Surround on, aside from just workspace

    And an older AMD 939 Rig (my media server now)
    ~4TB HDD space total across both PC's

    + A 17" LCD (old rig) and my new 10" tablet. All networked. That's what, 90" + of screen space total.

    As you can see (read?) work stations like these aren't that impressive these days. They are becoming more and more common. Mine is fairly old now too (well, some parts).

    Here it all is btw.

    5 monitors, but all in landscape orientation. Much better to have one or two in profile. I have one widescreen landscape, one widescreen profile, and one 4:3 landscape - pretty much the perfect setup. And yeah, I use all three all the time. Email, document, web. Three monitors. Bam.

    Just a thought...I think 5 monitors is way too many.

    Not because you CAN'T find uses for them, but because you CAN.

    That much stimuli fired into your brain that quickly will take a toll on your focus and concentration.

    Too much instant feedback, though convenient, is bad in the long run. This is my personal opinion by the way, doesn't mean its bad for others.

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