A Spacious And Elegant Basement Workspace

A Spacious And Elegant Basement Workspace

Many basements are poorly lit, cramped dungeons that would be depressing to try to work in. Today’s workspace is the antithesis of that; it’s a spacious office with harmonised wood surfaces and clean lines.

Lifehacker reader Yury Primakov remodeled his unfinished basement to create this elegant space. The project included knocking down walls, adding framing and insulation, and making a 3D mockup of the design.

Besides lots of desk space, the office has a clever cable tunneling system built into the walls, wrapping around the room underneath the wall shelf. This hides the wires for the custom-built PC, two TVs, and a media centre that’s upstairs.

Yury also designed the space so the lights, positioned behind him, wouldn’t be distracting, and added relaxing blue mood lighting around the monitors.

Check out the whole basement workspace remodeling project below. (Warning: it puts some basements to shame.)

Basement Workspace [Flickr]

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