A High-Tech Take On The Money-Destroying Alarm Clock

A High-Tech Take On The Money-Destroying Alarm Clock

The money-shredding alarm clock was a controversial idea, in part because shredding physical cash is technically illegal. The SnūzNLūz is a high-tech take on the same idea — if you hit the snooze button, money is automatically extracted from your bank account and given as a donation to an organisation you despise.

Like the shredding clock, this is a concept (and an April Fool’s one at that) rather than a product you can actually buy right now. However, it wouldn’t be that hard to rig up — with a simple automation script to log into your bank account and a bit of Arduino magic, you might never sleep in again. As one reader suggested, you could also rig up an automated payment in your banking and force yourself to get up and cancel it every day.



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