7-Eleven Dollar Days Offers Cheap Junk Food For A Buck

It hasn't actually been a year since the last one, but the 7-Eleven Dollar Days promotion returns on Thursday June 9 (yes, tomorrow). This time around, the $1 options include Cadbury multi-packs, Samboy chips, Mother and Goulburn Valley milk drinks, donuts, and snack pies and sausage rolls. All are (relatively) cheap; none are much good for you. The choice, as ever, is yours. [7-Eleven]


    It's worth noting that, according to their facebook page, there's a limit of 8 of each item per person per store, which means you can each get a theoretical max of 56 items per store.

    Shame they're not in WA, It'd be a good time to stock up on cheap snacks.

    I still have cans of Mother left over from the last $1 day at the 7-11 near my work. Buying 24 cans was not a good decision.

    Time for another LifeHacker challenge - "Surviving off 7-11 Dollar Days promotional items". How bout it Gus?

      For a day, probably quite doable :)

        A week with a $50 note and a blackberry would be more impressive! ;)

    This is no better than an average special at Coles or Woolies. Previous dollar days have been much better. e.g. They used to offer 90g packets of chips, not 45g; and they used to offer full sized sausage rolls, not snack size; and so on.

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