WordPress Makes Blogging From Your iPhone Snazzy

iOS: The iPhone app for blogging platform WordPress just updated with serious improvements and some fun new features.

Quick Photo makes snapping and publishing an image a quick, two-step process (tap the Quick Photo button and then Publish), a Stats page displays your blog's pageviews and other metrics over days, weeks, and months, and new localisation features supports 10 different language. Finally, there's the always exciting stability improvements. Grab it while it's hot from iTunes.

iTunes App Store [via WordPress Blog]


    'serious improvements' were needed to Wordpress's app. I once tried to do a minor correction to one of my blog posts using the iPhone app, and it decided to completely screw up the HTML coding of the post.

    As far as I am concerned, they couldn't have screwed up the app any worse so any updates are worth investigating. ty.

      I took the app for a test drive and wrote up a simple review on my blog:


    I think no matter how good an iPhone app is for blogging, I still find it hideous to blog using a phone (or even on an iPad)

    To me, Notebook or Desktop is the only way to go :D (unless if you blog short words/paragraphs without images)

      They're not very good for text, but great for photoblogs. You can get from taking the picture to having it on your blog with a quick note in under a minute.

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