Win A Samsung Galaxy S II With Gizmodo

Win A Samsung Galaxy S II With Gizmodo

Fancy a sweet new dual-core Samsung Galaxy S II? Gizmodo has an awesome competition giving away three of these super Android devices — you just have to prove how badly you need one. Get in quick before the competition closes on Sunday! [Gizmodo]


  • If I don’t have a Galaxy S II soon I may miss a second of reading Gizmodo! And then I won’t know what to do! Who knows!? I might take up heroin.. or worse *Engadget*

  • Since losing my trusted old iPhone 3Gs, less a phone but more digital lifeline, I’ve been rocking (and when I say rocking, I mean rocking it has an FM radio, one of it’s … several… features) an LG GS108, a $19 pre-paid Telstra “feature phone” from OfficeWorks. Sadly the budget can’t stretch to paying out my contract and replacing the phone, so I’m stuck on a dead contract for 4 months.

    To say this phone is the worst phone that’s ever been made would be offensive to bad phones, it makes me pine for the days of my old SonyEricsson t610.

    It has a light, it has an FM radio, it takes 5 clicks from finishing an SMS to delivering the SMS, 5 clicks, it has one game, “Space Ball” which is a cheap rip-off of Nokia’s old snake.

    The only redeeming feature, aside from it’s week battery life, is it’s “fake call” function which calls you back in N seconds.

    This phone is the bane of my life, I have several times dropped it “accidentally” in the hope I can at least replace it with something better, maybe two cans attached with string?

    God please, I need this Galaxy S II – if anything, at least for my sanity

  • I’ve been using a very old PHILIPS mobile of my mum’s since my own samsung d900 decided to give up on me a month ago. I’ve been waiting for this phone since it was announced at MWC in feb. Plus, it was my birthday on wednesday and this would be the best gift!

  • I have got myself sorted with this saxophone case standing desk[email protected]/5769971573/in/photostream dual booting Win7 and Linux Mint 11, linked up to my home theatre system[email protected]/5770487222/in/photostream . But I’m currently stuck with a Samsung iDontknowWhat POS edition[email protected]/5769954301/in/photostream, and people I meet think that I’m a luddite. It Hurts.

  • Been watching this phone and waiting for it to come out since last year. I’ve been checking everyday to see when it will arrive. My old LG Voyager is on its last leg and really hope to win this awesome phone! Just love it!!!

    Thank you so much,

  • First father son-camp, snapped achilles tendon, then lost N97 nokia (2 mnths in of 2 year contract), now left with old Nokia, no apps and I can’t hear when on hands free.

  • I have no phone, and therefore haven’t got any preconceived ideas on which phone brand is better than any other.
    I’m currently in the market for a phone and would love to win yours.

    Best regards,


  • Who wouldn’t want the best smartphone ever. No wonder Apple is sueing Samsung. They are shaking in their boots that the Galaxy will be numero uno. Not only is the Galaxy smart it is fun as well. Something for everyone and all in the palm of your hand.

  • I am currently stuck with a Palm Treo 750 that is running Windows Mobile with all the wonderful features from Microsoft such as freezing, error reporting, and wonderful rainbow screen of death (I prefer the plain old blue one).

    Oh, and I am an obese, disabled, anorexic, poor, pigeon toed, widowed, flatulent, athletic, muscular muppet!

  • I need a better smartphone, my galaxy s is good, but I need a great smartphone with more awesome specs. Like a flash & 8MP camera & the bigger screen as well as the dual core cpu. My phone freezes lots.

  • i’m currently using a samsung gt-e1080t. i would really like to upgrade but can’t afford it at this time of year. on top of the usual finacial dramas i have my kids birthday’s in august, september, october & november so spending money on me is out of the question until after xmas

  • I don’t have any good phone actually i never had…. i need this because my friends always teases me when they have their own gadgets with them its hard living in the Philippines with not much to have…hoping this will change everything how people look at me.

  • I have been following this phone since it was only a rumor. I had a crappy phone and needed a new contract. I couldn’t wait for this one and got sucked into the evo hype. Now I wish I would have waited for a real super android device.

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