What Online Services Are Worth Paying For?

We love free stuff, especially free apps and services. But sometimes you need to pony up a little cash to get premium features — and sometimes those features are more than worth the money. We're curious: Which online services do you pay for?Photo remixed from an original by mattias

After reading Duck Duck Go founder Gabriel Weinberg's post on online services he pays for, we got to wondering the same thing about you, our readers.

Cloud storage services like Dropbox are one example of a kind of online service many people pay extra for (because they need more space to backup important files). Sometimes, also, you have to pay for the premium service option to get more functionality, like offline notebooks for mobile devices in Evernote. Other online services are more conveniences than necessities, but still worth the cost for many people.

Share which online services you currently pay for and why in the comments. [via Gabriel Weinberg's Blog]


    I pay Google for extra storage. That way I'm not limited to 7GB for GMail and my 40GB photo collection gets backed up online with Picasa. I pay $US20pa for 80GB. Given its shared between Google services, I think its good value.

    Carbonite for online backup. I know you can get similar services for free but you get what you pay for and really I don't want to trust all my most valuable digital stuff to someone I haven't pauid - $40-50 a year

    Crikey.com.au for my news - I don't buy any traditional newspapers anymore and even though I don't read Crikey every day I do like contributing to what I see as a very valuable service - investigative journalism isn't quite dead - around $150 a year (for which you get a daily email, full access to the site and usually a good book or set of DVDs once a year)

    Remember the Milk is my 'to do' app of choice so I pay the pro fee for that $20 a year (I don't use any of the special pro features but I really like the service and wanted to support them)

    Diigo is my bookmarking site of choise so I pay for that too (though I could get everything I want for free but I can afford a little love) - can't remember the fee - $20?

    Saasu (accounting)
    iDrive (offsite backup)

    Considering buying storage from google for photos (since we use Picasa).

    Also toyed with shoeboxed, but not convinced.

    Have tried to find a good online personal finance - xero is close, but not quite. If mint was available locally, maybe.

    I was reading this and thinking 'nothing' but Bernadette reminded me about crikey - I think it's fantastic and after reading the free content for a few years upgraded to the paid service.

    Last.fm. DeviantArt until recently. The Escapist's Publisher Club so I can get their video content on my phone. 37signal's Basecamp for a group project at uni.

    If 3G coverage worked I'd pay for Grooveshark on my phone.

    Domain name and custom DNS services (about $70/year together), allow me use the free version of Google Apps, point a friendly name to each of my home NAS, Smugmug account, and Android phone.

    Also, Amazon S3 for direct cloud backup from the NAS.

    My Channel Logos for WMC - brilliant, support the developers.
    Zone Edit for custom DNS.
    Swype for Android... If they'd let me.

    Oh... Choice Magazine website sub... Brilliant for researching my big buys and other useful info.

    For me its:

    CompanionLink - sync Lotus Notes w/ multiple devices
    Vudu - for movies not on Netflix
    McAfee WaveSecure (Android)
    JuiceDefender, one time payment (Android)

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