Village Mobile Sends Usable Movie Tickets To Your Phone

Village Mobile Sends Usable Movie Tickets To Your Phone

Village Mobile Sends Usable Movie Tickets To Your PhoneOne of the most annoying aspects of many online ticket buying systems is that they still force you to queue up and actually get physical tickets at the venue. Village’s new mobile ticketing system aims to avoid that drama, letting you rock right up to the cinema doors armed with nothing more than your mobile phone.The new system, which will go into operation from today, lets you purchase tickets via your phone which are then sent as a QR code. Once the ticket has been bought, you simply scan the code as you enter the cinema. The selling is via a mobile-friendly site, so you don’t need a specific app to make it work. If Village actually manages to deliver (we’ve had mixed experiences with online ticket buying for movies in the past), this could be a major improvement. One caveat: the site automatically allocates seating, which could be a pain if you have particular preferences.

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  • Sounds good to me.. only thing that I see being a problem would be having to manually enter in a credit card every time.. but if it’s saved to an account that you sign into, could be a huge time saver.

    • When you get to the back of the ticket line, start entering your credit card details. If it takes you longer that the usual 10-15 min in line, then just cancel and buy a ticket the normal way.

      If by an amazing stroke of luck, you manage to enter that seemingly endless array of 16 digits, the CCV, expiry date and your name (which I always seem to forget) in under 9 minutes, just duck under the rope and head straight to the big screen.

      Problem solved!

  • Wonderful idea. I go to the cinemas often and it’s quite a pain either having to line up for ages or buying online then printing (which is a nuisance when you don’t have a printer).

    Might try this out on the weekend if I have time. See if I get into any problems with it.

  • What if…
    ~ battery dies on phone before I get to cinema,
    ~ I buy 3 tickets, 3 barcodes or 1
    ~ one of the three is running late do I miss movie waiting for them, as Ive got ticket on my phone
    ~ I or one of 3 go out and come back in …

    Give me paper any day

    • I have not tried this yet but I am planning to try it today, but I have done some research on this.
      They say if you lose your phone our if your phone goes flat you can still line up with your credit card you used to book online and get a paper ticket.

      Also when I tested purchasing a ticket on the mobile site it had a section where you could chose a seat. I dont know if this is something that is fairly new and was not available when this topic was first started, but it seems to be available now.

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