Use A VPS 'Seedbox' For Faster Torrents

Downloading and seeding torrents can put a huge load on your home internet connection, which is already somewhat slow to begin with. If you're downloading a serious amount of torrents, you might want to consider getting a virtual private server (VPS), and let it do the heavy lifting so your home PC doesn't have to.

The benefits are pretty substantial if you're a heavy torrenter. Aside from giving your own PC a break and freeing up bandwidth for things like streaming video, your torrents would finish downloading in a fraction the amount of time they would have taken at home. This is because VPS "seedboxes" are sitting on hugely fast internet connections, and torrent-trackers will make sure that they get all the data as quickly as possible so they can help seed it to other downloaders.

A VPS will cost anywhere between $US15 and $US50 per month, but if you're using up your entire monthly data allowance (since most ISPs have them now) on torrents, that could end up being worth it. Setting up a VPS isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world, but it's not entirely difficult, either. You definitely need to feel at least a bit comfortable using the Linux command line, though.

You can hit up the link below for a good run-down of what you'd be in for if you decided to take the leap. (Photo: Torkild Retvedt)

Faster Torrenting With a VPS Seedbox [ExtremeTech]


    I guess it really depends on how desperate you are for those new ubuntu builds, hey?

    ... you still have to get the torrents from your seedbox to your machine at home.

    and what happens after you download to your VPS? Are they meant to just sit there for fun? You still need to transfer them home.

    The point is you're no longer directly downloading from the swarm, but via SFTP if you're smart. This also means ISPs who shape P2P traffic won't affect you, they generally don't mess with (S)FTP.

    The other main advantage is ratio on private trackers. With a 100mbit seedbox, you're always one of the first few to snatch a torrent, and your upload will usually give you a 5-10x ratio on most torrents you download.

    Finally, pitch in with a couple of friends and share a seedbox! Price drastically comes down, and you will probably have a fair few torrents in common which saves disk space on the VPS too.

      Seconded. The main advantage for this is that bittorrent can choke bandwidth but rarely requires much ram/cpu. HDD space and network bandwidth are incredibly cheap on a VPS, so it's the ideal application.

      Using my VPS, I don't have to worry about on/offpeak ratio as much, I now don't care that my ISP counts uploads, and I don't have that fun issue of heavy torrenting choking my external connection. I can turn my computer off at night, and most importantly, my IP address isn't associated with anything I'm least not directly. (hint: get a vps hosted internationally).

      Caveats: I haven't got around to working out streaming straight from the VPS yet, it'll be a huge timesaver when I do - I can watch something immediately after it's finished downloading instead of copying it to my house first.

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