Use A Pencil As A 6-Sided Die

Use A Pencil As A 6-Sided Die

Whether your game of Monopoly is missing its most important pieces or you need an outside force to help you make tough decisions, you can actually turn a regular pencil into a 6-sided die.

Since a normal wooden pencil has 6 sides, Reddit user danjiro2 shows us that all it takes is another pen to turn it into a die of sorts. Just pen in the numbers 1-6 on each side, and roll it along the table to pick a number at random. It’s one of those things that’s so clever, we just had to share it — and while you might not know a use for it right this second, you’ll thank us when you and your five coworkers are trying to decide where to go for lunch.

You can use a regular pencil as dice. [Reddit]


  • This would have to be a pencil you really don’t plan on using as a pencil any longer. While some people would be content to roll it gently, others will probably toss it like dice, so the graphite inside will be a pain to sharpen later.

    Alternatively use a biro and write the numbers on with a sharpie. That way you can still use the pen later.

  • This is amazing.

    No seriously, it is.

    Did you know you can also use an almond as a makeshift coin, when you need to make one of those either/or decisions.

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