Use A Cheese Grater For Easier Spreading Of Cold, Hard Butter

When you're buttering your bread, pastries or whatever, it's kind of a pain when the butter's been sitting in the fridge and turning into a brick. Rather than waiting endlessly for the butter to soften, you can quickly solve the problem with a cheese grater.

All you do is grab your butter brick and grate it over whatever you're going to eat. This process generates a little bit of heat, but mainly the smaller pieces will melt faster and spread better when they hit your warm piece of toast. This is also a fantastic idea for baking.

Butter cold and hard? - grate it! [Imgur via Reddit]


    Erm,... so you pick up the butter like cheese and grate it? Butter melts quite quickly compared to cheese, so you would end up with your finger prints melted into it! So what you say, you'll leave finger prints on cheese too! True but after a few different people leave their digital signature all over it, and the melted divots and hand prints, (did they clean their hands?) are you still gonna want to use it?

    hopefully it's in it's little paper wrap, Nodeity. :)

    Or microwave butter for 20 seconds. No longer or you'll be pouring it on your toast.

    Or just buy softened butter. It tastes better too.

    That's freakin brilliant! Perfect solution, I will sleep easy tonight knowing its buttery toast goodness that awaits me!

    This solution is for people who have not discovered Mainland Buttersoft - soft and buttery, no dodgy additives to make it soft.


    Somebody's been watching Masterchef ads. This tip has been plugged over the airwaves for the last couple of weeks...

      Interesting coincidence, but as the tip comes from Lifehacker US, I doubt that's the immediate source.

    i've found that a vegetable peeler works just as well. :)

    I think yo9u will find these 'butter soft' products are not 100% butter. They typically have fillers such as canola oil to keep the butter soft at fridge temperatures.

    Workable when the butter is standalone or in paper, not so much when it's in a margarine-like plastic tub. Although I suppose you could lever the entire block out of the tub, grate it, and place it back...

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