USB Immunizer Helps Block Spread Of Malware On USB Drives

Malware often spreads itself by using the Windows autorun feature to install itself on USB drives. USB Immunizer prevents that from happening by placing a special, non-removable version of the autorun.inf file on any USB drives or SD cards you choose, meaning they're not vulnerable to this form of attack.

Developed by security software vendor BitDefender, the software is pretty simple to use: just launch it, plug in a drive, and choose the 'Immunize' option. You can also use the package to disable autorun entirely when removable media are plugged into your PC. Windows 7 itself blocks autorun from working with removable media, so this is likely to be more useful on older systems.

USB Immunizer is a free download for Windows. (When you close the program, it asks you to sign up for a security newsletter, but you can ignore that request.)

USB Immunizer


    this is not effective! because all u need to do is run this command in cmd and it de-immunises it, so newer viruses can easily defeat this. The code assumes that g is the removable drive
    rd g:\autorun.inf /s /q && move c:\temp\autorun.inf g:\
    Thats how easy it is to replace it with malicious code, although old viruses might not work, because it would cause the new autorun file to go into a hidden system folder rather than being the autorun. It exploits the simple fact that you cant replace a folder with a file, instead the file goes into the folder.☺ Smart Idea though easily counteracted, need some1 to find a better exploit, to exploit viruses, LOL irony!

    When I went to uni in the '80s it was all about aaaIDS and condoms, this time they're telling us not to share USBs and be aware of where we're putting them.
    A condom for USBs?

      The computer told me she had antivirus protection!

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