Trillian 5 Brings Cross-Platform Chat Log For Free To All Devices

Trillian 5 Brings Cross-Platform Chat Log For Free To All Devices

Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone/Blackberry/Web: Trillian, the cross-platform, message-syncing IM client has made its service even better by releasing all their clients with Pro features for free with advertisements.

Trillian is one of the best mobile IM apps around, and their desktop app is still one of the only IM clients that will sync all your info between devices. Now, they’ve now made their mobile and desktop even more tantalising by making each of them free, with all the Pro features of the old versions in tow. That means that Trillian desktop users now have multiple location sign-in, themes, activity history, and other great features without subscribing.

Trillian’s also released version 5 for Windows, which includes a new interface that ditches the menu bar (Firefox-style), improves social networking integration, adds cloud-based chat history, and a new feature that lets you sync open IMs between all your devices.

The free versions are now all ad-supported, but the ads aren’t quite as annoying as, say, the newest versions of Digsby — mobile users will see the same ads they see in other ad-supported apps, while desktop users will see ads in their IM windows that scroll away just like the messages you receive. They don’t animate, make sounds, or make the windows any bigger. It isn’t ideal, but for the killer features that Trillian offers across all its platforms, it isn’t a bad deal — and you can get rid of the ads for a $US12 per year Pro subscription.

The new changes have already been implemented in Trillian 5 for Windows, which is now available. The changes will come in the next version of the Mac client, and on mobile devices when the App Store approval process finishes up. Hit the link to read more.

Trillian 5: Chat everywhere. For free. [Cerulean Studios’ Blog]


  • Yet still no Linux

    Really shouldn’t be calling itself Cross-Platform and “Chat everywhere” – because I can’t on my Ubuntu Linux box. And I _really_ liked it on my Windows box.

  • My understanding was that you need to pay $12 in order to have chat logging.

    If you were on the Beta, you had some chat logs saved, but as soon as you leave it, it stops saving your chat logs unless you go pro O.o

    This was one of the huge whinges on the announcement page that pro users felt they were being ripped off..

  • On Twitter yesterday I asked @trillianastra about the free mobile versions and if we were talking hours/days/weeks/months, they said they were still working on them but hoping would be up in the next few weeks

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