Top 10 Fixes For The Web’s Most Annoying Problems

Top 10 Fixes For The Web’s Most Annoying Problems

The internet is wonderful, but it’s also a landfill for many annoying things. Here are our top 10 online annoyances and how you can fix them for a better browsing experience.

10. Too Many Ads

ChromeFirefoxSafariInternet Explorer

9. Excessive Flash


8. Tedious Forms and Logins

Despite recent issuesLastPassa few other great options

7. Registering for New Accounts

Sometimes you want to try out a web service without going through the trouble of registering online. Sometimes you need to just use that service quickly and will have no use for that account later. Whatever the reason may be, registration means giving out your personal info and that’s not always something you want to do. Fortunately there are databases of public usernames and passwords for you to borrow in these cases. BugMeNot is a great option and comes in browser-extension form for Chrome and Firefox, plus you can access it via the BugMeNot web site which also provides a bookmarklet for virtually any browser.[imgclear]

6. Ugly and Confusing Web Sites

Not all web sites have simple and intuitive user interfaces, and many are just plain ugly. If you want to improve a particular site, you can do that with Userstyles. Basically, they just override the CSS to make any site look different (and hopefully more usable). There are also extensions and add-ons that help as well. For example, you can alter YouTube (Firefox and Chrome), Facebook (most browsers), Twitter (using Greasemonkey), and—of course—Gmail (Firefox and Chrome).[imgclear]

5. Endless Social Networks

FellowUpNutshell Mailour top five social media managers

4. Unhelpful Search Results

A lot of sites have ineffective search options. Many people also feel that even Google isn’t all that useful lately. You can, of course, learn a few techniques to help you create better Google search queries. You can also try some alternative search engines and methods if you want an alternative to Google. You’re not always going to find what you want, but learning a few new tricks and expanding your options can be a big help.[imgclear]

3. Fake Online Reviews

As we’ve previously discussed

2. Waiting to Download Files from File Sharing Services

SkipScreencurrently appears to be missingRapidShare Download Helper

1. Trolls

trollsspot and hide trollstry cognitive therapy

Of course there are many money annoyances on the web. What bothers you the most? And have you found a decent solution? Let us know in the comments.


  • Hi – hope I’m allowed to mention the other end of the web, your home PC :). I’m not fond of broadband speed drops, where web access slows to a crawl. A rough approximation of broadband speed can be found at;
    There are any number of reasons why speed drops but I always like to check what I’m connected to if it does. I just use “netstat”, on the old windows xp OS. See If I have too many unwanted “hangers on” I give the computer a malware/crapcleaner/hijackthis clean. Then check the speed again. This is only what I do, in no way am I suggesting this is a general fix for anyone else. cheers SF

  • I don’t mind ads on web pages, unless they are non-static – I’d happily use an adblock list that allowed static HTML and images but disabled anything that moved!

  • Ads are simply a waste of bandwidth, both for the advertiser (I’m not going to buy things randomly shoved in my face either on the street or on the net) and for me (ads take up chunks of my ISP download limit). Squashing them provides faster download speeds for me, less load on the advertiser’s server, and lets me use a lower-limit (and cheaper) ISP account.

    And yes, I use a customised HOSTS file, customised javascript replacers, flash freezers, popup blockers, and URL filters to kill most sources of advertising.

    The only thing more annoying than advertising being thrown at me is advertising being thrown at me that I’m paying to see, without being given a choice.

    To address the usual argument, I am indeed quite happy to do without sites which deliberately break themselves when viewed through adblockers. There is no site so unique and amazing that I can’t find five others who do exactly the same thing and work A-OK with adblockers.

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