This Calculator Shows How Much You Spend Washing Clothes

You can find out just how much your laundry is costing you in utility bills by using an online cost calculator.

The Laundry Cost Calculator uses a dozen drop-down menus as variables to come up with the final number. It displays the final estimated cost per load, cost per month, and cost per year, based on water/power/gas usage needed to both wash and dry your clothes. It's not exactly pretty, but it's thorough, and it allows you to calculate two different scenarios at once for comparison.

If you've got your most recent utility bills handy, you can use the rates detailed in them to get the most accurate estimate out of this calculator. The numbers might just make you think twice about washing your jeans after every wear.

How much does it cost to run a washing machine? [Saving Electricity]


    I live in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.
    I am a tenant, that lives on the bottom floor of a two story home.
    My landlord has the top floor.
    Each month, because she is extremely sensitive, and will accuse me of thinking she is lying if I question her about the bill, I have had to pay almost twice as much as she. For example, while I do use AC alot, my last bill was 120.
    The problem is that, I do not use the washing machine located in the basement. The landlord does.
    Being that we share the bill, how does or do we know how much electricity costs from using the washing machine?
    Also, if I am the one living on the bottom floor, when reading the meter in the basement where the machine is located, is it me who gets charged for any costs involved with the washing machine.
    I do not care if it isn't much that I have to pay for. However, out of my 120 bill, if 20+ dollars is from use of washing clothes, and I am the one paying for this, while my landlord has no idea that she is getting away with not paying for it, what do I do?
    If someone can please break down how a company can tell how much one used washing clothes and whether it plays a huge part in the monthly bill, that would be appreciated.

      I think it is to late now- you guys have had this agreement all along.
      or/Tell her that you are doing all your wash at your moms place now that you will not need to use washer/dryer anymore ...Stick to it and never use it because if she catches you using it just one time, plan on coughing up 20 bucks that month.

    you should have a separate meter for all apartments. What does your lease say?

    I am also curious about the the costing of the use of washer & Dryer. Me my husband are renting a one bedroom basement appartment really small space. When we first move in a year ago our rent was at $900/month including electricity. After 3 months of staying they told us that the electric bill here in the basement was costing them extra dollar than expected and that it wasn't like that before with the old tenants. Well, ofcourse I didn't think that those people before us was that active at home all the time and that the new tenants above us are keeping the washer and dryer running for 24hrs day and night... So they decided to take off $100 dollars from our rent and to pay our electric bill instead for the whole basement. But here is the thing, now that it's our responsibility for our electricity and we don't even use the washer/dryer because it cost $50 a month to use them and we don't even do laundry weekly but every 2 weeks at a laundromat costing us only $15. So 2nd and 3rd floor uses the machines and as I said 3times a week running for 24hrs. The machines are even old so It may cost more. I want to know how much does it cost monthly. The owner is getting $100 a month for the use of there laundry but the electric from it is payed from our own pocket and we don't even use it. They are smart to be ripping us off as if we are not aware about the plan but they are lucky we are good tenants and we barely complain even if the other tenants comes down and use the machine running until it's dark and us trying to sleep but can't because the machines are on the whole night and tenants keeping the lights on even after they leave the premises... Unfair right? I just wish it was possible to separate or even know how much the cost of the usage of washer and dyer so we don't have to pay for it but the owner should.

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