The Pocket Briefcase Adds Good Old Fashioned Pen And Paper Note-Taking To Your Wallet

Smartphones are great for note organisation, but sometimes taking notes on them can be quite slow. The Levenger Pocket Briefcase takes pocket note-taking old school by integrating pen and paper with your wallet.

Sometimes, the best note taking tool (as you've noted in our Hive Fives) is a pen and paper. The Levenger Pocket Briefcase takes that idea and adds it to your wallet, by integrating 3x5 cards and a writing utensil into the wallet you're probably already carrying around in your pocket. There's no startup, no apps, and no autocorrect messing up what you're trying to type—just quick note jotting.

The Levenger pocket briefcase runs for $US69, which seems hefty until you realise your wallet probably costs the same amount (not in my case! — cheapskate Oz ed). If you don't want to shell out the cash, of course, you could probably just integrate this idea into one of the many DIY wallet options we've featured at Lifehacker (or just go the other direction and turn your Moleskine notebook into a wallet). Hit the link to check it out.

Levenger Pocket Briefcase [via Cool Tools]


    Levenger products are very handsome, and not so heftily priced at the current exchange rate.

    Australian readers be warned, though: Levenger doesn't offer any budget shipping options and it's not unusual for the shipping to cost more than the item you've bought!

    I second that, having ordered some of their products to Sydney, the shipping came to be over $100.00

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