The Floating Corner Desk

Today's featured workspace is an elegant, custom-built desk that makes smart use of available space by hanging everything on the wall.Lifehacker reader and patent illustrator and graphic artist Tom Geisler build this desk using two IKEA butcher block countertops, a few ledgers screwed to the wall, and one heavy-duty L-bracket. Although it's designed as a standing desk, you could easily modify the idea by lowering the top surface and getting rid of the shelf beneath (or making it narrower) to accomodate a desk chair.

Nice details like the hole cut out for the monitor cord and the additional desk real estate from the L-shape design reflect Tom's artistic eye. The IKEA countertops start at $120, so it's a pretty inexpensive desk you could build yourself.


    The screen looks way too close

      you might be right, but keep in mind if its a standing desk then your probably not gonna be infont of it for such long periods of time and it will most likely function as a Media centre, so your not always gonna be right up at the desk.. amiright?

    That's not floating!

    It's bolted into the wall!

    It's a phony! A big fat phony! Hey, everyone, this desk isn't really floating! It's a PHONY!

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