The Clean, Hyperinformative Desktop

Michael Baberick custom-made this look for his system running Windows 7, and it's a perfect example of using the right tools to add huge amounts of information to a desktop, along with quick access to important folders, while still keeping plenty of room available as a workspace.

If you're looking to reproduce something similar to Michael's desktop, here's what you'll need:

If you're interested in the desktop wallpaper itself, Michael says that it's an original and that he's planning on posting it soon.

Desktop by Michael Baberick [Flickr]


    Is there any similar sort of way to do that with Mac OSX?

      Run Windows 7 as a virtual machine.

      also, W7 is a better OS anyway

      Ignoring the stupid fanboy comment posted above, GeekTool ( does a similair job in OS X.

      There are also plenty of tutorials already written to help get you started.

        I wish there was something more rainmeter-ish than geektool... I can never quite get my head around it. Used to love rainmeter when I was on Win

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