Telstra Upgrades EasyCall Phone For Seniors

It looks like "phones for seniors" is becoming a competitive market again. A couple of weeks ago we noted the release of the Doro 410, and now Telstra has a new model of its EasyCall device on sale.

The EasyCall 2 resembles the Doro in many respects, including larger buttons and the ability to automatically call and SMS a pre-defined list of emergency contacts. Unlike the Doro, it doesn't have a clamshell design, which I suspect might be a mistake: worrying about calls being made accidentally is a surprisingly common issue for older phone users, and the clamshell is still the simplest way of handling that issue.

At $99 (which includes $10 of prepaid credit), it is somewhat cheaper than the Doro model. That said, it's still not as cheap as many bargain-basement supermarket models, so the trade-off between fit-for-purpose and frugality will continue.


    Clarrie had one at the RSL the other day - Schizzle!

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