Signrider Pays You To Display Ads On Your Car

If you drive a lot for work, chances are your car is seen by a lot of people. The Signrider site aims to take advantage of that by paying individual drivers to display advertising on their vehicles.Once you register on the site, you’ll be added to a pool of potential drivers. If you’re picked (based on your existing driving patterns), three advertising stickers will be installed on your car — two on the sides, one on the rear window — a process said to take a couple of hours. These will remain in place for the length of the campaign, and you have to submit logbooks to show your driving patterns. When the campaign ends, you can peel the stickers off yourself.

You’re not likely to get rich from the process. Signrider estimates you can make around $40 a week from the scheme. But if you don’t mind what your car looks like and you’re doing the driving anyway, then it could potentially be a handy way of topping up your holiday account. If you try it out, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.



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