Signrider Pays You To Display Ads On Your Car

Signrider Pays You To Display Ads On Your Car

Signrider Pays You To Display Ads On Your Car If you drive a lot for work, chances are your car is seen by a lot of people. The Signrider site aims to take advantage of that by paying individual drivers to display advertising on their vehicles.Once you register on the site, you’ll be added to a pool of potential drivers. If you’re picked (based on your existing driving patterns), three advertising stickers will be installed on your car — two on the sides, one on the rear window — a process said to take a couple of hours. These will remain in place for the length of the campaign, and you have to submit logbooks to show your driving patterns. When the campaign ends, you can peel the stickers off yourself.

You’re not likely to get rich from the process. Signrider estimates you can make around $40 a week from the scheme. But if you don’t mind what your car looks like and you’re doing the driving anyway, then it could potentially be a handy way of topping up your holiday account. If you try it out, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.



  • Intriguing concept, however I think it’s potentially shooting itself in the foot. I would imagine the kind of vehicles the advertisers would prefer their brand to appear on would be modern late model cars; yet I’m willing to bet that the kind of people who would be the most enthusiastic to participate would be the ones who don’t really care how their car looks, and probably aren’t driving the most modern of cars in a neat clean condition.

  • I could see this backfiring as well.

    As an a company usually wants to protect their brand. If drivers who are signed drive terribly, they’re going to annoy other drivers, and this would reflect negatively back on the brand being advertised.

    • The flip side of this is that Advertisers think they know what we want (often they are right) So they might actually look for ‘hoon’ drivers, to advertise ‘hoon’ products ie Street Customs mag, or Perfomance tyres, Turbos etc…

  • There’s enough distraction on the roads as it is, without this kind of vulgarity. I hope it dies a quick death before it gets too hard to get rid of…

  • $40 a week hardly seems worth it, considering the downtime of a couple of hours to put the stickers on your car and the fact that you have to complete a longbook.

  • Brilliant!
    Now one question: how come this doesn’t exist since ages?
    This advertising method is largely used in Europe and in France where I come from. Proficiency has been proved! Note: You usually take time to look at the car when it is parked somewhere or when it goes slowly like in town. Or when you’ve got a long way to go on the road and you follow an advertised car it can, for example, avoid falling asleep!(in certain cases :p)
    I am amazed how late Australia is about certain things. Mostly about advertising.
    Wake up people! A Good Advertisement = more sells = more money!
    And with $40 a week I can pay for my weekly shopping!

    I hope people what an opportunity that is and get into it quickly so that the world of the communication and design can evolve down there!

  • Forgot signage, i wouldn’t fill logbook for $6 a day and submit it. Imagine they say logbook seems wrong as odo meter does match with suburb you traveled .
    I wonder who will be so stupid to sign up that deal
    And plus giving away your privacy.

  • I’m Sharon Burgess-Close and my husband and I are travelling with our van throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe where we will be housesitting and sightseeing. We will be driving and are looking for an organisation or company who may want their product/service advertised.

    Would you have/know of an organisation who may be interested in this type of advertising? Perhaps someone who is wanting to break in to the European market? Or wants to lift their profile over there? We are both are in our 50’s, have clean drivers licenses and will have the appropriate insurances. We are advanced drivers and I have driven for the country fire authority for many years. Our dates will be: arriving in London on 9th December 2018 (our van will arrive between 9th and 14th December) and we will be leaving to return to Australia sometime in September 2019.
    Our van is a 2004 Hyundai Imax in Grey.

    We are based in Melbourne and I can be contacted by email or the number below.

    Best regards,

    Sharon Burgess-Close

    +61 468 415 104

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