Shine Your Camera’s Flash With Toothpaste For Added Brightness

Shine Your Camera’s Flash With Toothpaste For Added Brightness

What won’t toothpaste do? It restores old sneakers and does a number on mosquito bites. No wonder it’s good friends with the endlessly versatile binder clip. Today toothpaste gets one more use: making your camera flash shine bright.This trick is pretty simple. The headline almost completely describes it. Basically, you take a soft cloth, apply a small amount of toothpaste to it, and use it to gently polish your flash in a circular motion (like you’re buffing out a scratch). Just be sure not to get any toothpaste in the creases of your flash or you won’t be able to get it out. Once you’ve polished the toothpaste into oblivion, your flash should be extra clean and bright.


Quick Tip: Make Your Strobe Shine With Toothpaste [DIY Photography]


  • I have also used toothpaste to successfully remove a scratch from a DVD that wouldn’t read. Essentially same deal. I’d given up on the DVD and figured it would be a fun last resort. Polished out the scratch, lightly removed the excess paste with water, placed DVD in drive and was amazed when it played fine.

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