ShakeCall Makes Answering And Disconnecting Calls On Your Android Much Easier

Android: How much easier does ShakeCall make handling calls on Android phones? If you've ever been frustrated with sliding the call button in time or waking your smartphone up to end a call, ShakeCall is a much easier alternative. Just shake.

The free app uses your phone's accelerometer and proximity sensor to help you answer incoming calls or end a call by shaking the phone. You can fine-tune how much shaking is needed and also test out the settings via the Sensor Virtual Call Test option.

In my tests, quite a bit of shaking was needed to receive or disconnect calls, but it was still much more gratifying than fumbling with the sliding call button. (You could conceivably use the app to answer calls when your phone is in your pocket or handbag and you have a Bluetooth headset paired to your phone, but the amount of shaking you'd have to do may make you look a bit odd — or, at least a bit more odd, anyway, than vigorously shaking your phone like you're trying to get ketchup out of it.)

ShakeCall [via AddictiveTips]


    I would love to have this app, however I have the one where you shake your phone when it rings to get it to mute and send the caller a message saying you're not available... boo.. they need to combine the two somehow.. maybe twisting instead of shaking?

    Is there anything like this for the iPhone, Maybe via Cydia?

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