Sear Then Turn Off Heat To Avoid Overcooking Fish

Fish is terribly easy to overcook. Scottish celebrity chef Michael Smith recommends a few tips for how to cook really fresh fish without worrying about overcooking it and other seafood tricks.Photo by rfduck.

To cook the freshest fish, the Head Chef of The Three Chimneys in Scotland advises you start with room temperature fish so it cooks evenly. Then, here's his method to avoid having to worry about overcooking it:

With room-temperature fish, get a pan really hot, add a little butter/oil and salt and put the fish in it. Sear it quickly on one side so it gets a little crust then immediately turn off the heat, leaving the fish in the pan.

Leaving the fish in for the rest of the time means the pan's heat will cook the fish from the bottom up, but not all the way through, which the article says is what you want to do for the freshest fish.

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A Chef's Secrets for Cooking Fish [The Daily Meal]


    dont forget that its very important to "flip the fish over" once you turn the heat off. That way the fish will cook from both bottom up, and top down.

    Yeah i think it's ment to say "...then immediately flip the fish over and turn off the heat..."
    Otherwise i imagine the fish is going to become overcooked on the bottom half and under cooked on the top half.

    Just checked the source and it actually says:
    "Sear it quickly on one side so it gets a little crust then immediately turn off the heat, flip the fish over, leaving it in the pan."

    Naughty naughty with your quote Melanie Pinola :-)

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