ScreenDimmer Helps You Conserve Battery Life On Your Jailbroken iDevice

ScreenDimmer is a jailbreak extension that lets you manage various brightness and backlight settings on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to help you conserve battery life. All you have to do is configure it the way you want and it'll do its work in the background.ScreenDimmer is an extension so it appears in your iDevice's Settings app. Once you've purchased (for about $US2), downloaded and installed ScreenDimmer through Cydia, you just need to scroll down the main page of the Settings app to find it. Tap it, and you'll be able to toggle a bunch of settings that control how your device's screen operates. You can have the screen dim after a specified number of seconds, or have the backlight turn off entirely. You can keep the screen on when the device is plugged in, lock immediately when the device is unplugged and more.

If you're looking to eke out a little more battery life from your jailbroken iDevice, keeping the screen dim or the backlight off entirely is a good way to do it.

ScreenDimmer [BigBoss]


    These settings seem like a no-brainer.

    Why don't Apple include something like this? Why force us to choose between a fixed set of times, with no extra settings?

    It would have been so easy for them to implement their basic settings as a slider, so you could fine tune it to your liking, at the very least.

    I use SBSettings to control the brightness manually, it seems to work well.

    I would kill for an app that turned down the brightness to where I wanted it to be, so that nighttime reading in bed didnt interfere with others. Why dont so many LCD devices allow sufficient levels of dimming? Someone needs to write screen brightness control apps for IOS, android etc

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