Restore Hazy Headlights With Sandpaper And Polish

Hazy headlights seem to be a widespread issue with some of the more recent economy cars, but they don't necessarily need to be replaced or professionally refinished. You can get rid of that cloudy oxidisation by rubbing it away with fine, wet sandpaper, and then refinishing it with microfibre cloth and polishing compound.Photo by David

All the materials needed can be found for a lot cheaper than what it'd cost to have the job done at the dealer. Hazy headlights aren't just ugly, either - some localities deem them a safety issue.

Hit up the link below for details and an instructional video.

Headlight Restoration [Auto Shepherd]


    I have also found from experience that toothpaste (being a mild abrasive) can remove haze.

    I've used toothpaste (as mentioned above) and also chrome polish on several cars I've owned. Anything pastey with slight abrasive properties. Also works great on scratched CD/DVDs :)

    Unfortunately on some cars this occurs on the inside of the headlights, Nissan Skyline imports for example.

    You can also buy a kit to do this, which basically has the same stuff in it, but it also comes with a UV protectant, so they don't go hazy again within a few months...

    I find that spraying mine with Tyre Shine in an aerosol can work great, just repaint each week or so.

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