Predator Locks And Unlocks Your PC With A USB Thumb Drive

Predator Locks And Unlocks Your PC With A USB Thumb Drive

Windows only: If you’re sick of locking your computer and entering your password every time you come back to it, Predator will ease the process by using a thumb drive as a “key” that instantly locks and unlocks your computer.

Whether you hang out at a lot of coffee shops or are just really paranoid about who in your home is snooping through your machine, Predator gives you a few basic security tools to keep people out. Namely, it turns your USB thumb drive into a key. When you unplug it, your computer will automatically lock itself up, playing an alarm if any intruder enters the wrong password when they try to unlock it. When you plug it back in, your computer will go back to exactly the way you left it, no password typing necessary. Not only does that bring significant “cool” factor to the program, but depending on the length and complexity of your password, it could actually be faster than typing it in. You just plug it in and go. See the above video for a demo of Predator in action.

Predator is a free download for Windows only.



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