ParkBud Is An iPhone-Based Panacea For All Your Parking Woes

iOS: There are plenty of parking apps that help you with some aspect of the car-parking process, but ParkBud can handle all of it. It’ll help you find spots, refill the meter, remember where you left your car and more.

The most disappointing thing about most parking helpers for your iPhone is that they handle one thing really well but are missing some feature that eventually renders them useless plus the built-in apps on your iPhone are generally sufficient for most situations.

For example, if you need a visual reminder of where your car is you can take a picture. You can also put a note in the notes application. ParkBud combines these two things so you have both in one place. You could also use the iPhone’s Clock application to set a timer for your meter, but ParkBud does this a little better by letting you set the actual time left on the meter and an alarm that goes off at a set number of minutes before expiration. Finally, you could mark your parking spot on in the Maps application with a pin and get walking directions back to your car, but ParkBud minimises that process down to a single tap. Additionally, ParkBud can locate nearby parking spots to help you find that spot in the first place.

While ParkBud doesn’t do much that you can’t already do with your iPhone’s built-in apps, it makes those tasks so much easier that it’s worth the $2.49. Like any parking app, the GPS tracking doesn’t do you much good in a parking garage, but that’s what the other features are for. If you’re looking for a really comprehensive parking app to avoid losing your car and the pain of finding a place to put it, ParkBud is the best way to go.

ParkBud [iTunes App Store via Unplggd]

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