No Luggage: The Naked Truth

I'll just say it the once: for the duration of the No Luggage challenge, you can safely assume that after 6pm I'm sitting in my hotel room, wrapped in a towel and nothing else while my freshly-washed laundry dries.I hadn't figured on having to spell that out, but the question "what are you wearing when you wash?" has been asked in comments and on Twitter and on Facebook and via email, so I need to address it. I'm in a hotel room. No-one else sees what I'm wearing. Or not wearing.

If it was mid-summer, chances are I wouldn't bother with the towel. That said, cooler weather is kinder if you're going to wear the same clothes every day. If any hotel I stay in supplies a robe, I'll gladly wear that, but I don't anticipate that happening.

When I did Hand Luggage Only for a whole month back in 2009, I specifically packed a lightweight T-shirt and pants that I could wear in the evenings. That minimised my time in my single pair of jeans, and gave me something to wear when everything was in the washing machine. But there's no way I could fit those garments in my jacket or pants pockets. So the towel it is, unless there's an unexpected heatwave.

For the No Luggage experiment, Angus Kidman is doing his normal job while travelling Australia for a week with not much more than a BlackBerry. And no, he will not be publishing pictures of himself in a towel.


    Even with a full suitcase, if I'm traveling solo, I'm either towel-wrapped or naked in the hotel room.

    This could be a good argument for dressing in layers- with two shirts/sets of boxers, you could cycle them through. Each day the outer shirt would become the undershirt, and the undershirt could be washed and become the outershirt.

    Then again, that is a lot of effort to go to just to wear something in a hotel room...might as well use the free towels.

    This is one truth I was acutely aware of but did not want confirmation of. Thankyou for confirming that mental image I already had. And by "thankyou" I mean "no thankyou".

      What Cameron said.

    So if you get an invitation to have dinner with an intriguing contact you meet during the day your response will be...? "only if we order room service and you don't mind me being wrapped in a towel"?

    To quote The Simpsons,

    "You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel."

    Have you tried tightly rolling your wet clothes in a towel and utilizing the hair dryer if provided to dry your clothes faster?

      I'll give this a try if I end up in a room with sufficient towels :)

    Angus, when you say people are asking "what are you wearing when you wash?" are you sure their interest is, erm, innocent? I can't help but imagine they're typing it one handed.

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