No Luggage: Drip, Drip, Blow

No Luggage: Drip, Drip, Blow

The success of my attempt to travel for work for a week without a change of clothes depends on a rigorous laundry routine — and on my outfit drying fully every night. So I’ll do anything I can to help the process along.The bloke checking me into my Newcastle hotel did something of a double-take when he saw me head off towards the lift and realised I didn’t have any luggage. We’d already established that I didn’t need a parking space, so I can’t help imagining he assumed I’d booked the room for some illicit hanky-panky.

The truth is sadly less saucy. My key task for the evening was to wash all my clothes as quickly as possible. With a 6am flight out of Newcastle to Melbourne meaning a very early start, my window for getting things dry was pretty limited. And while I’ve had good results when I did test runs hand-washing and drying the clothes at home, I’ll have no choice about whether to wear them when the early morning comes.

So into the bathroom basin they went, and then onto the kinds of anti-theft coat hangers one Lifehacker reader was keen to shift into a bathroom (to save on ironing effort by steaming).

I didn’t want to do that, so I hung them up to dry in the wardrobe, with the bathmat underneath to catch the inevitable drips. I know from past experience that no matter how furiously you wring your clothes by hand, drips happen.

Given that, there was something else in the bathroom that I found all too tempting: the hairdryer. This is rarely something I think about or even notice in hotels, given my hair hasn’t been of a length to need a dryer since the mid-1980s. But I do know there won’t be one at the Formule1 I’m staying at in Melbourne, given that chain’s bare-bones approach.

All things considered, it seems stupid not to take advantage of the dryer, so I use it to blast my garments during TV commercial breaks. I’ll never know if this really makes a difference, but when I contemplate potentially having to put on damp undies at 4am, I can’t help myself.

Whether because of hairdryer blasts, careful garment choice or basic principles of evaporation, I’m happy to report that everything went on in a suitably dry state. One day down.
After landing in Melbourne, I’m hopping on another train to Bendigo for a side trip. History suggests it may be cold.

For the No Luggage experiment, Angus Kidman is doing his normal job while travelling Australia for a week with not much more than a BlackBerry. He can report that not many people catch the Newcastle Airport bus service.


  • I had the unfortunate experience of staying in a hotel room that didnt have a hairdryer… and ended up standing on a chair infront of the airconditioner to dry my hair, you could perhaps use the air con – on cool or heat for drying your clothes as well

  • how about getting the hotel towel flat and then laying washed and rung out wet clothes onto the towel flat. then roll it up in a long sausage. then twist the towel from opposite ends until a tightly squeezed mass of towel is achieved. unravel, shake clothing and then proceed with drying. should be no drips this way and you get a head start on drying time.

    • Wrapping stuff in a towel and wringing it out works well.
      Also with a hair dryer you can create a clothes dryer by using a plastic shopping bag to help trap the heat. It is a bit of an art form (bouncing the clothes in the bag, holding the hairdryer and not melting the bag by having it too close, whilst allowing air to escape), but it has worked well for me in the past.

  • Angus,
    Why not hotel laundry service? They’ll wash and dry your clothes while you lounge around in your dressing gown. Tell them when you need them and they can deliver them to your room before you need to leave in the morning.

    • Several reasons:
      (A) not available in most of the hotels I’m staying in (I suspect none of them will provide a dressing gown either)
      (B) I’m often leaving earlier than return delivery possible (I bet I couldn’t have had my clothes back at 4am today)
      (C) I’m often arriving later than the final submission time

    • Illicit hanky panky. Let me get this right…you don’t like sex do you Angus? Every LH post that ever refers to sex is somehow destined to end up in a puritanical, Victorian way. How can sex be hanky panky if you’re not inside the office? Who cares if you have a good rogering in the hotel room sans luggage? It makes no difference either way, because there is nothing illicit about it. If you by some random act of heaven, you pull a daring female (or male, whichever floats your boat) on the way to the hotel – it’s not like that nexrt 15minutes is an ‘illicit’ offence.

      Wake up dear boy, we’re not all 40year old virgins who imbue sex with the same holiness as Indian deities.

      • Suffice it to say that if you’ve drawn this conclusion, you haven’t read many of my posts. Or the opening chapter of my NaNoWriMo novel.

      • I believe the implication is that people who book hotel rooms for sex are often (but not always) cheating on a significant other, hence illicit.

        Other than that, you are correct – the idea of sex in a hotel room is perfectly licit in itself.

  • So when all your clothes are drying, including your undies, and you stated there is no robe in the hotel you are staying in…

    What ARE you wearing while in your room?

  • Merino wool!! You can wear a merino T all week without washing as it doesn’t smell. And when you o wash it, it will dry in no time at all. Great for travelling, traveled 3 months in asia with only 3 tshirts, and hardly ever needed to wash, saving precious Beer Lao $$$’s

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