Nine Placing Uncensored Episodes Of Come Fly With Me On Go

Next week, Channel Nine will begin showing Come Fly With Me, the latest show from Little Britain creators David Walliams and Matt Lucas, in an 8pm Monday timeslot. Walliams and Lucas' risque approach doesn't fit well with 8pm viewing regulations, so Nine has decided to trim the episodes for that slot while showing the uncut versions on Go.

TV Tonight reports that the unedited versions will be transmitted at 10pm Mondays on its digital-only network Go. I generally think that TV networks should schedule shows in a timeslot where they can run uncut rather than slashing into them, but I'm not sure it matters much in this case.

The odds are good that dedicated Walliams and Lucas fans have already watched the entire series via Channel BT (it ran on the BBC between December 2010 and February 2011, though the official DVD release isn't until November this year). If not, having an alternative option is better than acting like the transmitted version is the complete and definitive release.

Given the commercial TV propensity for ditching and shifting shows, I also wonder whether the full season will even get a run on the main Nine channel. What do you think?

Come Fly with Me unedited [TV Tonight]


    Well at least its a better use of a second tier channel than a dumping ground for 1960s-70 sitcoms and re-runs that have already aired too many times on the top tier channel.

    I think arguably, Channel Ten and 11's approach seems to be working well. Treating both channels on equal terms, and using them to target different demographics is a smart move. We TV watchers are creatures of habit.

    I think it's a pretty clever approach. These guys are funny and will appeal to a wide audience which Nine has more chance of picking up at 8 rather that after 9:30pm. I'll be watching both ;)

    How funny was epsisode one?? Loved it! Looking forward to next Monday now...

    Very pleased to see this filthy attack on a clean airline industry released on a niche channel in a sleepy time slot. And don't make an effort to find it now... STAY WHERE YOU ARE, EVERYBODY !!!
    Victor C. Pankouken

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