Neatly Store Loose Cables With A DIY Toilet Paper Tube Organiser

If you are a tech head, you’ve probably amassed quite a collection of miscellaneous cables that you aren’t currently using, but might need later on. Keep them organised and tangle-free with a few toilet paper tubes in a box.

We’ve mentioned using cardboard tubes to keep your cables tidy before, but Instructables user berserk takes it to a new level with a full-on cable organiser based on toilet paper tubes. Instead of shoving all those cables into a box and letting them get tangled up, you can slide them all in a box, one-by-one, in their own individual toilet paper tubed bundles, as shown above. Now, when your TiVo’s HDMI port breaks and you need to use that component cord you have hoarded away, it’s really easy to find. Got any other DIY cable organising methods you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.

TP Roll Organizer Box Instructable [Instructables via Unplggd]

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