MyWeather Is A Customisable Weather App For iPhone, Android, Online

MyWeather Is A Customisable Weather App For iPhone, Android, Online

iPhone/Android/Web: There are so many weather apps available that weather is its own category in the mobile app stores. MyWeather is a new app that promises 6x better precision than The Weather Channel, Accuweather and others, as well as more personalisation.

For more precise weather readings, MyWeather says its app can pinpoint your location down to a 1km radius and you can enter a street address also for as many locations you want to save in your profile. This profile is synced across the website and iPhone and Android apps, giving you a consistent weather-tracking experience across all your devices.

The website, still in beta, lets you customise the home page with widgets — a weather feed, radar or clouds map, futurecast map with rain totals or humidity, etc. The mobile apps offer alerts, hourly and 10-day forecasts, and other typical weather app features for all your synced profile locations (a boon for frequent travelers in particular).

Testing MyWeather on Android, I found its weather report more accurate than either The Weather Channel or WeatherBug (which lately has been failing to load data for me). The Weather Channel reported current conditions in NY to be cloudy, while WeatherBug said there were lightning storms. MyWeather sensed it was really just fog and drizzle around me.

Weather and weather apps being fickle things, however, your mileage may vary. A couple of caveats too: the apps are ad-supported and take up a great deal of space (12-13MB), not movable to SD card yet. If you try MyWeather out, let us know what you think in the comments. MyWeather on Android Market MyWeather Mobile for iPhone

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  • I don’t recommend the Android version, seems to be just a port from the iOS app. They don’t even have widget support. As Hunter said, WeatherZone has more accurate information, but they’re yet to release an Android app, however their mobile site isn’t too bad (certainly no worse than using MyWeather once you’ve installed a desktop shortcut).

    Nice looking weather apps and widgets are cool and all, but there really isn’t much point to them if they’re not gonna show accurate information.

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