Motorola Xoom Arrives On Telstra May 24

Motorola Xoom Arrives On Telstra May 24

The range of Australian Android tablet choices continues to expand: Telstra will be launching the Motorola Xoom on May 24, with an outright price of $840. Elly has the full pricing plan details and loads of pics over at Gizmodo. [Gizmodo]


  • $840…well there goes my interest in one of these devices. Having had a play of one a few days ago I was well impressed. But as per usual Telstra strip any value from such a device with a completely unreasonable price point. Boo.

  • @WTF

    Dude, the Galaxy tab came out at retail for $1k+ Telstra dropped the price to $300 last month.

    $840 for a new device, outright running the Honeycomb OS. It’s fair.

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