MAFIAA Fire Gets You Around Shut-Down Domains To Their New Homes

Firefox/Chrome: When US government officials seized ownership of a number of domains last month, a lot of people suddenly found their favourite torrent tracker shut down. Many owners of the seized domains simply moved to new URLs. If you're looking for them, the MAFIAA Fire extension uses a crowd-sourced database of alternative domains to connect you.

The MAFIAA Fire extension, once installed, will take you around any seized domain to an alternative operated by the same owner, if one is available. The extension maintains the list of alternatives and IP addresses so you can type in the name you know and be routed around the seized domain until you get to the site you're looking for.

To the extension developer, this is a matter of privacy and censorship, but to law enforcement officials it's an anti-piracy campaign that they've said will continue for years. Have you tried MAFIAA Fire, or miss your old torrent tracker after it was shut down? Let us know your thoughts on the issue in the comments.

MAFIAA Fire Redirector [via TorrentFreak]


    Works like a charm!

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