MacBook Migrant: The Full Guide To Shifting From Windows To Mac

Made the switch to Mac OS X but have lots of experience on Windows? Our MacBook Migrant series covers what you need to know to ease the transition. Here's the complete set in one place for easy reference.

Switching Strategies For Windows Power Users Moving To Mac

The motivation behind the series: not getting caught in a pseudo-religious argument about what's "better", but documenting where the differences are.

The Two Keyboard Shortcuts Every Shifter Needs

Easy keyboard access to Spotlight and app switching makes the changeover much easier.

RightZoom Is The Solution To Your Mac Window Maximising Woes

If you prefer Windows-style window maximising, it's easier to make happen in Mac OS X than you might think.

Three Approaches To App Installation

There's several distinct approaches to app installation in Mac OS X; knowing them all is helpful!

The Mac OS X Delete Key: It Goes Both Ways

How to get every delete option you want on any Mac keyboard.

Getting To Grips With The Finder

File management with Finder is easier when you understand its approach.

Keyboard Shortcuts For Everyone

Despite its emphasis on mouse (and touch) actions, you can speed up your work on a Mac with the right keyboard shortcuts.

A Final Grab Bag Of Tips

Other stuff that's good to know when shifting from Windows to Mac.


    What a coincidence. I myself have just gone from Win7 to OS X. And I'm a huge power user.
    Biggest thing I did?
    Used DB Power Amp (on Windows) to convert all my non-iTunes-compatible music to AAC/Apple Lossless

      ...what format was it in before? you mean wma?

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