Last Week’s Top Ten Posts

You wanted real-world budget advice, Android discussions and a variable amount of water. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. What’s In The 2011 Budget That Will Directly Affect You?
    The 2011 Budget promises to return Australia to surplus by 2013, but for individuals, the devil is in the immediate detail. Here’s Lifehacker’s rundown of the key changes that will affect your wallet.
  2. You Don’t Need To Drink Eight Glasses Of Water A Day
    The idea that an adult needs to drink eight glasses of water a day is one of the more persistent health concepts you’ll encounter. However, as we’ve pointed out before, it’s almost entirely bogus.
  3. Top 10 Awesome Android Features That The iPhone Doesn’t Have
    We love both Android and iOS, but the open nature of Andorid just means it can do things others just can’t. Here are our favourite Android apps and features that you won’t find on its Apple-clad brethren.
  4. How Long Will Australia Wait For The New Google Goodies?
    Last week, we rounded up Google features we wanted to see rolled out in Australia. Today’s announcements at Google I/O add a whole new set of options to that list.
  5. Road Worrier Gets Seduced By The Magic Of SSD
    Like notebook users everywhere, I’ve been contemplating switching to a solid state drive (SSD) machine to get better performance and battery life for a while. After a week on the road with an SSD laptop, I don’t think I can put off that upgrade any longer.
  6. Top 10 Fixes For The Web’s Most Annoying Problems
    The internet is wonderful, but it’s also a landfill for many annoying things. Here are our top 10 online annoyances and how you can fix them for a better browsing experience.
  7. Customise Your Apartment Without Pissing Off Your Landlord
    One of the main disadvantages of renting an apartment is the number of restrictions put upon you. Many landlords don’t want you to paint or change much of anything, even if you promise to return it to its former glory when you move out. That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways to make the place your own.
  8. Get Rid Of That Stitch In Your Side With This Three Minute Fix
    Any runner knows how much that stitch in your side can stop you in your tracks. Here are a few ways to fix it and keep on running.
  9. Putting Quickflix To The Test
    Getting DVDs delivered by mail to watch when it suits you sounds potentially appealing, but will they really come that often and will you ever see the movies you actually want? I decided to sign up for Quickflix and find out.
  10. Make Sure Google Isn’t Spying On Your Gmail Account
    Our US sibling site Gawker has a rather disturbing roundup of how Gmail mines through your contacts data in order to encourage you to integrate other social networking or email accounts into your Google account. If you’d rather not have that happen, here’s how to fix it.

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