iOS 4.3.3 Update Arrives With Location-Tracking Fix

Apple's actionable response to the iSpy iPhone tracking controversy has arrived in the form of iOS update 4.3.3, available for download now. As promised and suspected, the update reduces the size of the location database cache, stops backing up the cache to iTunes, and deletes the cache when Location Services is turned off.

So sleep easier tonight, iPhone and iPad users! Your phone is now just as forgetful about where you've been as you are. [iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2]

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    The last update was supposed to have fixed the slow photo sync issue ... sigh. No such luck,

    Isn't it wonderful what you can do with updates when the carriers are cut out of the loop.
    Google and Microsoft need to take note of how Apple handles these updates and remove carriers from their update process.

      One downside is that there's rarely a public timetable for fixes, and some things still take a while (e.g. the daylight saving fix).

    Oh, that's weird, I'm pretty sure that Steve Jobs said that they do not track our location? Or maybe it is the same fix as the antenna? Oh, well ... OMG, this is redonkulous ...

    booo bring back the tracker...they just made spouse/kids tracking harder :).

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