How To Split An Apple Without A Knife

How To Split An Apple Without A Knife

There’s nothing special going on here except plenty of practice: The next time you feel like sharing an apple, don’t worry about slicing it first — just pull the stem, get a good grip, and use your bare hands! Be warned if you’re a Granny Smith fan, though. Their diminutive build can complicate things.This trick can be useful even if you’re not big on sharing. If you can split an apple anytime you want, then you can always check to be sure there’s nothing wormy inside before you take that first bite.

How to break an apple into four slices [Instructables]


  • Heh… Back when I wasn’t the grumpy old curmudgeon I am today, I used to share my apples like this, however I found that some are just too hard to break, so I used to use my finger nail to score a cut into the top where the split starts, made it so much easier. Oh, and no I didn’t clean my nails first… If you gonna share my eats you get to share my germs too… :}

  • Not that it really needs saying, but you didn’t really mention the best eating varieties. Orleans Reinette is by far the best. Oh yanks, you’ll catch up in time.

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