How To Design And Build A Desk Perfectly Suited To You

How To Design And Build A Desk Perfectly Suited To You

A number of our favourite featured workspaces have custom-built desks in them. Whether they were pre-assembled or hand-crafted, sometimes the best desk isn’t the one you get at IKEA. Here’s how you can build the perfect desk for you with a few tools and some spare time.

Photo by Ben Ferenchak

Turns out, building your own desk doesn’t have to be an incredibly painstaking and difficult process. Over at The Cheap Geek, Jordan decided he wanted a desk he designed himself instead of just making do with the desks that were available in his local furniture stores. To boot, he was on a budget, and wanted to keep the whole project under $US150.

With the help of Google Sketchup and a very basic sawhorse-style design, Jordan got to work. With some elbow grease, he cut the wood himself, assembled the components according to his 3D model (which he shares in the comments of his blog), and even cut out room for his cables so they wouldn’t be seen. He stained the wood a lovely slate colour, let it all dry, and now he has a hand-made desk he can be proud of.

The end-result is impressive. Jordan could have stained it a dozen different colours or added hanging storage if he wanted to. Instead he opted for a clean, minimal approach instead. The customisable design makes it a perfect DIY project if you’ve thought about building your own desk but didn’t know where to start. You can get a jumpstart with Jordan’s design, and then add or tweak it to fit your tastes.

Designing and Building a New Desk [The Cheap Geek via Unplggd]


  • Pipped to the post! At the end of last year, I took the plunge and built my own office desk after not finding anything suitable from IKEA or other furniture stores. I’d intended on submitting some photos, but I was in such a dire need of a desk, it got to 90% complete when I made the mistake of “just checking how it looks” in the intended space, where it got suddenly burried in paper and computers and components. It remained in that state until last weekend when I started clearing it in preparation to put in the final set of cable and power board shelves. Admittedly, it was a little more expensive at nearly AUD$500, but that included $200 worth of power tools I “needed”. The new 2000x900x35mm solid wood door I used for the table top made up half the remaining price alone.

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