Heat Damp Face Washers To Make Finger Food Less Of A Hassle

Restaurants that serve finger food (and long-distance airlines) often offer hot towels to help you refresh yourself and clean up between courses. That's an idea you can easily emulate at home with a supply of facewashers and a microwave.Stephanie Alexander proposes this idea in her 2004 culinary epic The Cook's Companion:

Inspired by the Chinese, I now have a stock of white facewashers that can be dampened, rolled and steamed hot or heated in the microwave. Guests really appreciate these after a platter of barbecued quail, prawns or chicken wings.

You should be able to pick up cheap white facewashers at your local discount shop (and IKEA has a ten-pack of Krama washcloths for $7.99).


    Or you can just dampen them with hot water. Takes less time than steaming or heating in the microwave.

    Sam - not with my hot water, takes a good 5 minutes to warm up so would be quicker in the microwave

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