Google Shopping Finally Launched In Australia

Google's shopping search tool has long been on the extensive list of Google features which haven't been available to Australian users. That changed yesterday, with Google adding 'Shopping' to the list of refinement filters for results and automatically showing results from Australian retailers.

Depending on the product category, once you've performed an initial search you'll also be able to refine your results by price, brand, retailer and other attributes. It's certainly not infallible — for some gadget-related searches, obvious relevant products were missing — but it's an additional arsenal to bear in mind alongside more specialised search sites and bargain forums.

You can access Google Shopping through the link below, or by clicking on 'Shopping' in the left hand column of a Google search results page. As always, we're eager to hear how useful (or otherwise) you find it in the comments.

Google Shopping [via Google Australia Blog]


    Has anyone tried using this in conjunction with barcode scanner on Android to see if that's working now?

      Just tried installing the Android app to test and unavailable :(

        I would imagine that if functionality with Google Australia Product Search had been updated with barcode scanner, that it would incur a new version of the app. Any app updates of official google apps are announced via the Google Mobile Blog (, and there is no mention there.

        Further to the above, I can't even find barcode scanner in the market at all at the moment, so I'm wondering if its currently being re-worked.

          Scratch that - I found it ( however it its blocked in Australia.

    Logitechshop not listed even though it probably the cheapest for most logitech products

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