Google OneBox Now Outlines Areas On Map Search Locations

A small but useful tweak to Google results involving cities and suburbs: if Google recognises the placename, it now shows an outline of the relevant area on the Google OneBox map display as the first result, rather than just the original area. While for Australian cities this trick only works with names — not postcodes as is the case elsewhere — it is a clever enhancement. [via Google Operating System]


    Shame you can't get these results on the actual maps site. For some boundaries the one-box result is insufficient to see where it actually lies.

    Is there any way to actually show these borders in Google Maps or Google Earth? I've always wanted to know where the borders of my suburb are, and these maps are a little small.

      @mbryant: I quick search of my local town showed an outline different to the suburb boundary. I wouldn't count on this for that purpose.

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