Give Bookmarks Blank Names To Fit More On Your Toolbar

The number of bookmarks you can fit on your browser toolbar will be restricted if you give them lengthy names. Lifehacker reader Louix took that idea to its logical conclusion by naming his bookmarks with spaces to fit more in.Louix explains the concept:

Here is a great way to utilise the precious space in your bookmark toolbar. All you need to do is right click on the bookmark in the toolbar, select Properties, then replace the name of the bookmark with the spacebar. I have tested this in Firefox and Chrome. This neat little trick will triple the number of icons that you can have on the toolbar. It even works with Xmarks!

If you find favicons a good way to navigate, this is a neat way to pack lots of them in. If you'd prefer a minimal keyboard-based approach, try setting up keyword bookmarks for Firefox or Chrome. Thanks Louix!


    You can do the same in IE9, but you don't have to the hassle of renaming all your favorites.

    Simply right click a favourite in the favourites bar, go to Customise title widths and choose Icon Only.

    Voulia, icons only.

    Yeah, this is good for Chrome because there's no plugins for it, but there's been plenty of bookmark plugins for Firefox, most recently I've been using "Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar" which does all the work for you and more....

    I've been doing similar for years across many different browsers.

    I've never just done a blank bookmark, but I make each bookmark 1 or 2 letters.

    Eg Commonwealth Bank, is CB etc

    It means you can fit 15-20 links across the top of your screen. Quite useful.

      I do lower case to buy back a couple of extra pixels. CQU is cqu, and yes, it does make a difference.


    This is a terrible way of doing things when there are extensions that will remove the name for you and allow you to adjust the spacing.

    Example for firefox: Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar

      Dude,.. did you not read my post?...

        oh, also, there's this brilliant extension called 'Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar', I'm surprised noone's mentioned it!


          :p to you too....

    I figured this out a while ago with Chromium, the problem starts when you get multiple sites using the same icon, but a simple mouseover will tell you the URL.

    I've been doing this for a while on Chrome at home and work. I only have to name those with no favicon. From memory, IE8 wouldn't let me do it.
    The easiest way is when creating the bookmark. When you add it, the name text field is highlighted, just hit delete then enter -> done.

    I have 44 icons on my bookmarks bar using this technique. It puts a lot of faith in favicons, but they're usually ok.

    Of those 44, 9 are folders with one or two letter labels, so I can get everywhere quickly. It all fits very easily on a 1920x1080 laptop screen...

    I wish some ipad browsers supported this. I've been using favicons only for years, and was disappointed that safari, icab etc don't support it.

    when I right click on the bookmarks toolbar in Chrome it does not give me a properties option

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