Fyels Is A Dead Simple Unlimited File Sharing Site

There are plenty of file sharing sites out there, but many of the more prominent contenders have a complicated interface or tricksy payment plans. Fyels is about as minimal a sharing site as you can imagine: drag a file onto the page, wait for it to upload, and you get a short link you can share with whoever you like.

That's literally all there is to it, but really, what else do you want a file sharing site to actually do? There are currently no limits to the number of files you can upload, though there's a 2GB size limit (thanks to commenters for pointing this out). If you're after a basic file-sharing service, this seems like a good option to bookmark.



    It succeeds as a quick and dirty, no ads, file share. However, no way to delete the file means no business will use it, even as a quick way to send an urgent file that is too large to email. Even files of no security risk will still be out there for an unknown amount of time.

    A simple delete after X amount of time, or an ability for the creator to go in and delete after a certain time would make it much better. The advanced options could be hidden behind a tick box like some others I use.

    Also, by having no mention of the owner of the site, no address, contact info etc, how legitimate are they? How do I know that any email addresses in the files, any contact info etc, is not going to be harvested and sold to spammers. There is absolutely no way people should trust this site with anything remotely important.

      I agree that you cant tell what they're going to do with the data. But you cant tell what's happening to your data no matter who you send it to.

      As for not being able to find out who they are, or how to contact them;


      Its *not* hard to find that sort of information about anyone with a domain name registered.

      Also, Angus; 2GB file limit. (Just right clicked on their background area and read through the source)

    alert('Sorry only fyels less than 2GB allowed');

    thats in the javascript, I would dare say the limit would be 2GB then :)

    Looks like they have upped the limit to 9 gig now.
    Ive used it and had no issues with files up to 500meg so far.
    Give it a try, simple and easy to use.

      You are right. Now based on Twitter account, it has creates a profile for us. They are also providing an option to delete the uploaded file.

    Seems like they are no longer supporting non-twitter users. Maybe that will make me sign-in ;).

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