Fyels Enlarges Download Limit, Adds Delete Option And Mac App

Mac: You don't need anything other than a browser to use minimalist file sharing app Fyels. However, if you are a Mac user, there's now an app version of the site available.

The basic concept and look of the app is exactly the same as the site: drag a file onto it and it will be uploaded, then you'll be presented with a shortened URL to share with anyone you wish.

Whichever version you use, Fyels now supports uploads of up to 9GB, and supplies a deletion password so you can get rid of files when you don't want them. This is automatically generated in the Mac app; site users need to supply an email address. The app is a free download for Mac OS X.

Fyels Mac


    Wow they actually listened. I complained that there was no contact info - meaning there was no way any company would trust them as a legitimate resource. Especially if using it to send non-confidential but still company files to other people when email attachment site was a problem. I also complained that you could not delete, so your file was there for an unknown period of time. Well done, I will now be happy to recommend this.

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